Quality Guest Food Environmental Policy

We believe that we can demonstrate our quality in the Tourism and Hospitality industry by emphasizing the importance we give to guest satisfaction. We regularly monitor guest satisfaction and effectively meet the requirements of Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety Management System in line with guest requests and suggestions.

We strive to ensure that every service provided in our facility considers the safety and health of our employees and guests, and we have adopted the principle of working in line with the goals we have set regarding Quality, Guest Satisfaction, Food, and Environmental Safety to ensure the effective implementation of this understanding.

We commit to providing safe food from the procurement to the presentation of every food item in our facility by complying with the necessary legal regulations and guest requirements for the safety of our guests and staff.

To protect the environment and minimize the impact of our activities, we comply with Environmental Legal Regulations and guest requirements. We commit to separating and disposing of all types of waste generated during our operations in compliance with legal regulations, as well as to contribute to waste reduction, control unnecessary water, electricity, energy, and chemical consumption.

Suppliers are selected and evaluated with consideration for environmental factors in the procurement processes.

We are aware of the significant role our staff plays in implementing these policies and value their training and development. Understanding that a trained, knowledgeable, confident, respectful, and continuous human resource will play a crucial role in guests choosing our facility, we review and improve our guests' experiences and management systems.

We ensure the collection, temporary storage, recovery, and disposal of all types of waste generated in our facility, considering their characteristics. We periodically organize staff training to ensure the correct use of chemicals in the right place and in the right amount, and we provide the necessary equipment and storage conditions.

We follow and implement technological advancements to ensure the proper use of natural resources. We regularly monitor our water, electricity, and chemical consumption and implement corrective and preventive actions in case of deviations.

We inform our guests about all the sustainable environmental practices we carry out in our hotel. We encourage and invite them to participate in our social and community activities. Through the environmental section in guest satisfaction surveys, we receive feedback to improve and strive for excellence.

Our goal is to support sustainable tourism through our initiatives and, to the extent possible, make a difference by increasing quality and contributing to the preservation of the resources needed by the business world.