Employee and Human Rights Policy

Kosa Hotel considers the establishment and maintenance of a fair working environment that complies with national and international laws and regulations, based on the understanding that all individuals are equal and free in terms of rights and dignity, as one of its top priorities.

We are aware of our responsibility to act in accordance with human rights, protect them, and encourage others, including our employees, guests, suppliers, the local community, and all other business partners, to be sensitive to this issue.

At Kosa Hotel, all employees enjoy equal access to all legally recognized rights and freedoms. No discrimination or harassment, including factors such as gender, language, race, religion, belief, sect, philosophical and political views, ethnic origin, wealth, birth, marital status, health status, disability, and age, is tolerated. All our employees are included in an orientation training program where our facility, rules, facilities, opportunities, and expectations are explained.

To ensure the participation of our employees, a suggestion/request form has been created. Through this form, all employees can submit their suggestions and requests in writing to the upper management in order to improve the system.

Employee needs are regularly reviewed through meetings organized by the upper management.

Ensuring the safety of our employees, guests, and suppliers constitutes the main objective of our occupational health and safety efforts.

Our Principles:

  • Operating in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Prefer regional and local suppliers and partners.
  • Regularly training our employees on work standards and human rights-related issues.
  • Not employing child labor.
  • Providing equal and standardized working conditions.
  • Following a compensation policy that complies with legal regulations and standards.
  • Having a recruitment policy that is based on diversity, equality, and inclusivity, and is fair and transparent.
  • Communicating our complaint and disciplinary procedures to all employees upon starting their jobs.
  • Providing all employees with training opportunities for their professional and personal development.
  • Collecting employee feedback to improve their well-being in the workplace.

We commit to continuously improve all our efforts to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in our facility.